Jesús Cid-Sueiro

Professor at Dept. of Signal Theory and Communications in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain.

My current research interest are Machine Learning and its applications to Big Data, IaD (Internet as Data Source), Smart Grid and Sensor Networks

Some recent publications.

  • 2015
    • A. Lutu, M. Bagnulo, C. Pelsser, O. Maennel, J. Cid-Sueiro, The BGP Visibility Toolkit: Detecting Anomalous Internet Routing Behavior , IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking , vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-14 (doi)
    • J. Fernández-Bes, R. Arroyo-Valles, J. Cid-Sueiro, Asymptotic Analysis of Cooperative Censoring Policies in Sensor Networks, Ad Hoc Networks, pp. 63-67, Jun. 2015 (doi)
    • J. Fernández-Bes, J. Cid-Sueiro, A. García-Marques, An MDP Model for Censoring in Harvesting Sensors: Optimal and Approximated Solutions, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 33(8), pp. 1717-1729, Aug. 2015 (doi)
  • 2014
    • J. Cid-Sueiro, D. García-García, R Santos-Rodríguez, Consistency of Losses for Learning from Weak Labels, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (Procs. of ECML), pp. 197-210, 2014 (doi, slides , poster)
    • A. Lutu, M. Bagnulo, J. Cid-Sueiro, O. Maennel, (2014) Separating Wheat from Chaff: Winnowing Unintended Prefixes using Machine Learning . The 33rd Annual IEEE Int. Conf. on Computer Communications (INFOCOM 2014) , 27 April – 2 May 2014, Toronto, Canada. (doi, pdf)
    • S. Pino-Povedano, R. Arroyo-Valles, J. Cid-Sueiro, Selective forwarding for energy-efficient target tracking in sensor networks, Signal Processing 94, 557-569, 2014. (doi)
  • 2013
    • E. Martinez-Enriquez, F. Diaz-de-Maria, J. Cid-Sueiro, A. Ortega, Filter optimization and complexity reduction for video coding using graph-based transforms, 20th IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP), pp.1948,1952, 15-18 Sept. 2013 (doi)
    • J. Fernandez-Bes, A. García-Marques, J. Cid-Sueiro, Battery-Aware Selective Transmitters in Energy-Harvesting Sensor Networks: Optimal Solution and Stochastic Dual Approximation, Proc. of the Tenth Int. Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2013), pp.1,5, 27-30 Aug. 2013 (doi)
  • 2012
    • J. Cid-Sueiro (2012). Proper Losses for Learning from Partial Labels. Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS2012), Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA, Dec., 3-6, 2012. (pdf)
    • J. Fernandez-Bes, J. Cid-Sueiro, Decentralized detection with energy-aware greedy selective sensors, 3rd Int. Workshop on Cognitive Information Processing (CIP), pp. 1-6, 28-30 May 2012. (pdf)
    • R. Santos-Rodriguez, J. Cid-Sueiro (2012). Cost-Sensitive Sequences of Bregman Divergences. IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, 23(12), 1896-1904. (doi)
  • 2011
    • R. Alaiz, A. Guerrero, J. Cid-Sueiro (2011). Class and subclass probability re-estimation to adapt a classifier in the presence of concept drift. Neurocomputing, 74(16), 2614-2623. (doi)
    • R. Arroyo-Valles, A.G. Marques, J. Cid-Sueiro (2011). Optimal Selective Forwarding for Energy Saving in Wireless Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on wireless Communications, 10(1), 164-175. (doi)
    • J.R. Feijoo, J. Cid-Sueiro, J. Garcia, P. Conde (2011). Optimal Double Route Search in a Telecommunication Network: A Telecontrol Network Application. IEEE transactions on reliability, 60(1), 341-350. (doi)
  • 2010
    • J.R. Feijoo, J.L. Rojo, J. Cid-Sueiro, P. Conde, J. Mata-Vigil, (2010). Modeling Link Events in High Reliability Networks With Support Vector Machines. IEEE transactions on reliability, 59(1), 191-202. (doi)
    • M. Martinez-Ram—n, A. Gallardo-Antol’n, J. Cid-Sueiro, G. Heileman, K. Yung, W. Zheng, C. Zhao, S. Posse (2010). Automatic Placement of Outer Volume Suppression Slices in MR Spectroscopic Imaging of the Human Brain. Magnetic resonance in medicine, 63(3), 592-600. (doi)
  • 2009
    • R. Arroyo-Valles, A. Marques, J. Cid-Sueiro (2009). Optimal Selective Transmission under Energy Constraints in Sensor Networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 8(11), 1524-1538. (doi)
    • A. Guerrero, R. Alaiz, J. Cid-Sueiro (2009). Cost-Sensitive and Modular Land-Cover Classification based on Posterior Probability Estimates. International journal of remote sensing, 30(22), 5877-5899. (doi)
    • R. Santos-Rodriguez, A. Guerrero, R. Alaiz, J. Cid-Sueiro (2009). Cost-Sensitive Learning based on Bregman Divergences. Machine Learning, 2-3(76), 271-285. (doi)
  • 2007
    • R. Alaiz, A. Guerrero, J. Cid-Sueiro, (2007). Minimax Regret Classifier for Imprecise Class Distributions. Journal of Machine Learning Research, 8, 103-130. (pdf)
    • M. Ortega, D. Gutierrez, M. De Pablo, J. Cid-Sueiro (2007). Training Classifiers for Tree-Structured Categories with Partially Labeled Data. Journal of VLSI signal processing, 48(1-2), 53-65. (doi)